I realize I have come to this over a year late…but better late than never. PJ Harvey released an incredible album of depth and power in 2011, LET ENGLAND SHAKE

The video you are about to watch is for Our Glorious Land and it’s an absolute stunner of a song. The whole package… words, mood, music all wrapped up in a powerful indictment of her glorious homeland. America doesn’t get spared either with an echoing taunt. I was trying to compare this to anything in my music library… and the best I could come up with is that this is the kind of song that would sit comfortably with Radiohead’s best. PJ is, of course, a remarkable artist in her own right… but if you haven’t heard her, you should just hit the button and prepare to be wowed. (sorry if there’s a lame-ass commercial before it…)

Took me long enough to hear it, but this is easily among the best three albums of 2011. … might be the best.